Our premium quality bulk Chinese herbs are among the safest and most effective medical herbs available in the United States.

  • Tested for over 250 different kinds of pesticides

  • Free of Sulfur Dioxide

  • Good quality, correct species

  • Many herbs Certified Organic

We have more Chinese herbs available than those shown here

Bulk Herbs by the ounce starting at 10¢ per gram.

Ban Xia - Pinellia Rhizome
Chen Pi - Tangerine Peel
Chuan Xiong - Sichuan Lovage
Ci Wu Jia - Eleuthero Root
Da Huang - Rhubarb Root
Dang Gui - Angelica Root
Fang Feng - Ledbouriella Root
Gui Zhi - Cinnamon Twig
Hong Hua - Safflower
Hou Po - Magnolia Bark
Huang Bai - Amur Cork Bark
Huang Lian - Goldthread Rhizome
Huang Qi - Astragauls Root
Huang Qin - Skullcap
Ling Zhi - Reishi Mushroom
Ren Shen - White Ginseng Root
Ru Xiang - Frankincense
Tao Ren - Peach Seed
Xing Ren - Apricot Seed
Zhi Zi - Gardenia Fruit